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Lamb Umbrellas For Peace

Lamb Umbrellas for Peace is a global art initiative involving the painting and decorating of umbrellas by children and adults with the ultimate goal of promoting peace throughout the world.

Matt Lamb was an internationally recognized, self-taught painter whose works are represented in public and private collections throughout the world. Consistently developing new techniques and developing a style uniquely his own, Lamb is now considered a great innovator in contemporary art.

Now his daughter Sheila Lamb and her worldwide team are carrying on Matt’s message throughout the world.
Matt Lamb Museums can be found throughout the world in Argentina, Russia and Germany. Recent one-man museum exhibitions were held at The State Russian Museum, Centre Picasso (Spain), Museum de la Pia Almoina (Barcelona’s Cathedral Square), Maricel Museum (Sitges, Spain), and the Kleisthaus (Berlin, Germany).
Following in her father’s footsteps, Sheila Lamb maintains an incredibly full calendar and remains the driving force behind the global Lamb team’s efforts to carry Matt’s legacy into the future.

Whether it’s meeting with business partners around the world, maintaining close relationships with politicians and royalty, or planning exhibitions at historic venues in the US and abroad, Sheila and the Lamb team are always on the go!
  • Art Can Change The World! ~ Matt Lamb